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Egypt Click and Find Adventure for Free

clipped from appshopper.com

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1

Plunge into ancient Egypt and follow Maya, a young magician, who has been ordered by Pharaoh to investigate the strange accidents that have recently occurred at the great obelisk’s worksite. Find out what is standing in the way of your sovereign’s mission. Evade curses and spells, and allow your people to construct one of the great architectural splendors of antiquity to the god Amon-Ra.
The game:
A point-and-click adventure game using 360° views, similar to Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island and Dracula: The Path of the Dragon.
You play the role of a young magician and help her investigate the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
This is the first chapter of a three-part adventure.

– High-definition graphics and animations
– A user-friendly inventory system
– A large number of riddles to solve
– Varied sound environments and bewitching music
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Free Game

Geography and General Trivia game about hundreds of countries around the globe
clipped from itunes.apple.com
inFact World
Is the capital of Switzerland Zurich, Geneva, or Bern? Are the Andes Mountains in Ecuador? What country’s people speak Dari? Can you pick the flag of Australia out of 3 choices? These and hundreds of other questions await you in inFact World.
The game contains hundreds of facts pertaining to the countries of the world, including capitals, flags, languages, and continents. There are geographical features such as rivers, mountains, lakes, and more. Choose the right answers to ace the quiz and advance your level, or turn off scoring to use the game as a learning tool. Customize the game by choosing only the categories you want. For example, you can enable capitals, flags, and continents to use the game as a study aid. Leave all the categories enabled to enhance your overall knowledge of the countries of the world.
iPhone Screenshot 1
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WW1 Alternative History Shooter

Great Premise delivers more advace tech through an alternative counter-factual historical narrative.
Click on the linkf or more form Touch Arcade.
clipped from toucharcade.com

Treehouse Ltd. has just released a new take on the top-down aerial shooter formula in the form of 1951 – World War One [App Store] for the iPhone. The game takes place in an alternate history where, on June 28, 1914, Gavrilo Princip’s gun jammed, letting Archduke Franz-Ferdinand live to see another day.

With this single mechanical failure the seed of First World War was never sown, and without the humiliation of Versaille’s there was no wind to fan the flames for a second one. Adolf Hitler had to make his living as a mediocre marketplace artist at the streets of Vienna instead of becoming the dangerous, dictatorial dreamer he would otherwise have been. But without two global wars to drive the technology forward the world of 1951 remains much like the world at the turn of the century – colonialism upholding imperial economies and withering alliances cemented with royal marriages. It’s Imperialism iced with biplanes and rock’n roll!

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RISK is better when its NOT RISK

THE BEST RISK GAMES are the unofficial games. LUX is my favourite and it has been updated over the years.
Citizenship or Napoleon complex you decide!
clipped from toucharcade.com
An official version of Risk [$4.99] just hit the App Store, and as I mentioned in the roundup from the recent EA event, this really seems like too little too late from the massive game developer. When third party software first graced the iPhone, it wasn’t hard to see the potential that the touch interface had for board games, and this potential only grew as Apple implemented push notifications which allowed developers to create some extremely robust asynchronous multiplayer experiences. An absolutely fantastic example of this in the classic board game arena is Carcassonne [$4.99] which we detailed in our review not too long ago. In Carcassonne, developers The Coding Monkeys masterfully duplicated the board game while providing more single player and multiplayer features than I think anyone was expecting when we first heard of the game.
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ODD? World War One Shooter on iPhone

Not sure what to make of this. There is some strategy to the game so you can’t just blindly march over like Haig.


clipped from appshopper.com


It’s Europe 1914 and the world powers have descended into world war. Your troops need a leader at this their most desperate hour. Could you be that leader? Put on your boots and take to the mud and trenches of Western Europe during World War I.
New Years Day Special: You can buy Trenches for ONLY $.99 this Friday to celebrate the New Year and as our gift to you as a special thanks for your support!

Command the battlefield, inspire heroism, illustrate your superiority and crush the enemy.

•Press Reviews•

∆ “Trenches sets a new standard for new and original thinking. Overall 5/5”
– TouchAholics.com

∆ “This game is chock-full of charm, fun, and replayability, which altogether makes a very attractive package. A hybrid of line-drawing, shooting, strategy, and action, Trenches is a game that will definitely not disappoint.”
– NoDPad.com


Screenshot 1 of 5
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FREE World War II Shooter!

clipped from toucharcade.com

SGN has released their latest aerial combat game Skies of Glory. The follow-up to their popular F.A.S.T. game takes on a World War II theme and adopts a “freemium” business model. The game itself is free to download and play, but offers additional content through in-app purchases. Game features include:

  • Multiple skirmish modes, campaigns and tons of training missions with more to come
  • Engage with opponents from around the world in 8-player combat over the internet via 3G and WiFi
  • Fly with friends over any local network for up to 8-player combat
  • Buy more planes for your hanger to maintain a competitive edge over your opponents
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Ridiculously Expensive Search Engine becomes just Expensive

clipped from appshopper.com


** Holiday Sale — December 11-31 **

– Time Magazine declared Wolfram|Alpha one of the “50 Best Websites of 2009.”

– WIRED said Wolfram|Alpha is “like having a squad of Cambridge mathematicians and CIA analysts inside your browser.”

The Wolfram|Alpha app gives you immediate access to the vast resources of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine.


Screenshot 1 of 5
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Free Medieval Based Puzzler

Always looking for free and simple puzzle games and this one has the added bonus of being based on a medieval premise. Being a Monk!
clipped from appshopper.com
Stop looking around!!, The best puzzle game you can find on the iphone it’s TheNovice.

Help our little novice to find the exit in the laberintic monastery cellars, and use for that, keys, barrels, buckets and of course your inteligence. Will you be able to discover the secret hidden in the monastery? !!The adventure awaits you!!

-Help the novice through 25 levels.
-Take keys and open doors.
-Clear the water with buckets.
-Move barrels to clear your path.
-Autosave each level is complete.

-Perfect Gregorian music to enjoy.
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Create your Own Game: Sketch Nation Shooter

Can’t wait for this app! It will be a great idea for game design, art class and any creative subject. I’m thinking of having my ship attack spanish ships and suitors of Elizabeth I. History is everywhere!!
clipped from toucharcade.com
Sketch Nation Shooter allows users to create their own games by drawing a player, enemies and a level on a piece of paper and taking a picture of the drawing with their iPhone camera. Users can then share their creations with their friends and other users. Our unique image recognition technology automatically detects the objects drawn and calculates collision boundaries. Sketch Nation Shooter is the only game to incorporate the iPhone camera in such a way. iPod Touch users can import their drawings through the Photo Library. After the drawings are imported into the game, users will be able to place enemies and powerups as well as set their properties in our easy to use in-game editor and then play with their unique creation.s
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